Saturday, March 13, 2010

Woollen Mermaids...

Confession... i am a blogging virgin!

So as a virgin i feel i must explain the reason behind my sudden urge to begin blogging. I am Stefanie, a student currently studying a bachelor of fine arts, majoring in FASHION DESIGN. This blog is to document my design process, developments, ideas... frustration and tears based around my current design brief ... Woollen Mermaids. So basically, a concept is to be born, inspired by the original mermaid Annette Kellerman, and a collection of one piece swimsuits is to be designed, one of which will be manufactured. oh... and did i mention we are restricted to the use of BLACK WOOL!
And so it begins... i am currently living amongst a plague of magazine clippings, taking over my bed, desk and every corner of my house, spilling out of my handbag and diary and even occupying residence in the back seat of my car. The crisp, fresh, starch white pages of my new visual journal excite me as i begin my design development, slowly making use of the clippings and getting closer and closer to the birth of my concept.

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