Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome to my concept...

Nudity, the state of
Nightmare, a FRIGHTENING dream.

Nudity Nightmare inspired by Annette Kellerman, (the first women to bare it all in a nude scene recorded on film, 1916) explores the self conscious mind of women, in relation to the naked body. From public exposure and human emotion to the innocence of a child and the process of developing into a women, i will explore the nightmares of nudity and rein-act them threw a collection of black swimwear...

Once my concept was born, i instantly began sketching and toying with words...

Can you envisage your deepest, darkest, horrifying nightmare? Does it involve exposed or undeveloped breasts, petruding hips, thunder thighs, lack of a gluteus maximise or the infamous tuck shop lady arms? Is nudity your nightmare? If you can't stand the sight of exposing yourself to.... yourself, unmask the swimsuit that takes these nightmares and toys with your mind... are you game?

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