Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And so it ends...

DUE DATE: Thursday 3rd June 9am

I have finally come to the end of my to do list and felt it only fitting to wrap up my sadly neglected blog, i do apologise to any followers for the lack of photos, i am currently without any access to a camera. FRUSTRATING i know!

To paint a perfect picture i am sitting in my living room feeling rather smug about the fact that i found it impossible to hand draw my capsule collection techs, throwing page after page violently to the ground. The solution was to use CAD, which i never thought in a million years i would have the ability to do complex tech drawings on illustrator, but i did it :) and if i dont mind saying they look fabulous. i realised the reason i was throwing the hand drawn attempts to the grown was not because i could no longer draw but because i was unhappy with the effect of hand drawing in comparison to the clean, neat lines produced on illustrator. Thank you dean!

My swimwear however i am not so happy with, as i mentioned in my last post- but i keep repeating I AM MY HARSHEST CRITIC!

Anyhow i do promise to get my grubby hands on a camera and post many photos of my final garment, techs, illustrations and maybe even some slides of the powerpoint... stay tuned- my blog is not yet over :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am my harshest critic...

After spending 7 hours in the studios yesterday i had a traumatic melt down...

With the Final Presentation of my garment and every other piece of the criteria due next week, my stress levels are rising DRAMATICALLY!
With the changes i decided to make after sample review, i fear my garment does not look how i had imagined and my techniqual abilities (sewing) are not up to par..... ahhhhhhh!

Walk away, Relax and go back to it with a clear mind
Walk away, Relax and go back to it with a clear mind
Walk away, Relax and go back to it with a clear mind


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Capsule Collection...

Jane has the ability to calm my nerves...

Forgive me if i have already mentioned this in a pervious post, but i am going to repeat myself regardless...
I am required to design a CAPSULE COLLECTION from my already developed concept NUDITY NIGHTMARE - six outfits that include woven fabrics, jersey fabrics and cover ups that share the same aesthetic as my already designed and illustrated six swimsuits.

Design development- Design development- Design- development

After my one on one consultation with Jane today, my nerves are calmed as i was reassured i am on the right path, and it is now clear what i have to do before handing in the final assessment.


- Fabric research : Silk Dupion, Chiffon, Velvet, Silk, Jersey, Silk Faile, Prints
- DESIGN DEVELOPMENT- tweak and abstract over and over and over
- Illustrate the capsule collection
- Technical drawings
- Powerpoint presentation
- Presentation Presentation Presentation- garment- blog- illustrations- powerpoint.

Friday, May 14, 2010


The Photographic evidence of my sample swimsuit...

Alterations to be made:
1. Re- shape gathers to taper around the breast and sew into jacket piece
(Gaining leverage and therefore creating coverage)
2. Create a support for the bustier
(i.e bando or breast cups/ underwire bra)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ladies, Gentleman and Fellow bloggers...

Stay Tuned...

Behind the scenes of the construction of the one chosen
Nudity Nightmare swimsuit,
The technique and tears, laughter and fears and learning process
will be exposed threw visual displays.

Photographs coming soon...

The Female Anatomy...

Breasts exposed...

Sample review made it clear, i need to alter my design... When making my sample Swimwear i knew that i would be having difficulty in covering the breast region. I was proven correct when the poor model had to hold herself in, due to the fabric being to heavy and the gathers falling in the opposite direction to what i had intended. After much back and forth feedback and comments, i have gone away and re- sketched my design altering it, to hopefully achieve a more practical outcome. My concept is Nudity Nightmare but i did not wish to expose the whole breast in what seemed like a vulgar attempt. I was picturing more coverage with slight hints of exposure, particularly from a side viewpoint.When fitting the model it obviously became clear that most women have breasts, unlike myself, so as a designer it was narrow minded to assume no support was needed in this area SO as suggested by Dean and Gillian I will be adding to my design, creating some form of support, which i am Brainstorming. However to give you an idea, the direction I am heading toward would be some what of a sheer cup, subtle, therefore it will not take away from the essence of Nudity Nightmare but it will give support and comfort to the models who will be wearing the garment. So to achieve the most successful end result possible, i am now in the process of re- constructing my patterns, by adding the gather into the jacket- giving leverage and support so it wont have the freedom to fall and over- expose. Wish me Luck- and what is the need for Breasts in Fashion, really?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am Learning.

Forgive me Dean for i have sinned, It has been 27 days since my last post...

The birth of Nudity Nightmare and the strenuous weeks of being bound to my Journal feel like a distant

memory. However, there is more designs to be created, i am required to now also design a capsule collection which will mirror the aesthetic of my swimwear, to be presented with my Nudity Nightmare Black Swimsuit collection, and my final garment. Design Selection navigated my concentration toward just one design, and the next step in the criteria, sample review. My abilities to pattern make are questionable but i will not hesitate to scream confidently, I AM LEARNING...