Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Capsule Collection...

Jane has the ability to calm my nerves...

Forgive me if i have already mentioned this in a pervious post, but i am going to repeat myself regardless...
I am required to design a CAPSULE COLLECTION from my already developed concept NUDITY NIGHTMARE - six outfits that include woven fabrics, jersey fabrics and cover ups that share the same aesthetic as my already designed and illustrated six swimsuits.

Design development- Design development- Design- development

After my one on one consultation with Jane today, my nerves are calmed as i was reassured i am on the right path, and it is now clear what i have to do before handing in the final assessment.


- Fabric research : Silk Dupion, Chiffon, Velvet, Silk, Jersey, Silk Faile, Prints
- DESIGN DEVELOPMENT- tweak and abstract over and over and over
- Illustrate the capsule collection
- Technical drawings
- Powerpoint presentation
- Presentation Presentation Presentation- garment- blog- illustrations- powerpoint.

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